Collaborative Procurement Initiative Award

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Collaboration is a vital ingredient for successful public procurement. Organisations that embrace the sharing of ideas, information and insights can move faster and more effectively to achieve their goals. But collaboration isn’t always easy – so this Award is as focused on how organisations have overcome friction and cultural differences in their pursuit of better outcomes as it is on those for whom the whole concept of collaboration has been second nature.

Collaboration can happen at different stages within a procurement process or be core to how an organisation functions – in either case, this category recognises evidenced gains that have been achieved through a joined up approach; whether they be financial or positively impacting in other areas such as social or environmental benefit.

This category embraces the idea that collaboration knows no borders – so while the organisation submitting the entry must be based in Scotland, the collaboration can be with any organisation (or organisations) either within or outside of the country.

Open to: Scottish public sector organisations, collaborating with other public or private sector organisations within or outside Scotland.

Timescale: A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period July 2022 to January 2024.

Entry Questions

Please describe the procurement exercise that was undertaken, identify the partner organisations and, if different, to whom the contract is being delivered. Please include details of why a collaborative approach was undertaken, the aims and deliverables that were desired and the critical success factors to successful delivery. (This answer will not be scored)

What level of market engagement/market scoping was undertaken, whether within your own organisation or with end users, potential providers or any other interested groups (e.g. third sector, voluntary sector, etc.) to determine that a collaborative approach was the correct methodology to pursue for this procurement.

Please describe any barriers to successful delivery that you encountered, whether at pre-market engagement, during the procurement exercise or at implementation of the contract and explain how these were overcome.

Please explain what outcomes have been achieved to date, since the commencement of the contract and whether these match the deliverables anticipated at the outset. (Please include empirical evidence to support your answer)

In what areas has the collaborative approach exceeded the expectations of the authority, stakeholders and/or end users, such as through innovation or social/environmental initiatives, delivering over and above the core requirement? (Please provide evidence to support this)

As a result of this collaboration has the organisation taken a pro-active approach to identifying other procurement opportunities where a similar collaborative approach could be undertaken in the future?

As a result of this collaborative procurement, have the outcomes/benefits been shared both internally, across your organisation and with other organisations to help shape future procurement?