Social Value Award

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As the UK’s largest buyer, the public sector has the ability to deliver not just brilliant services, but also to transform lives by creating social value. This Award is for those organisations which see social value as integral to their procurement activity – living and breathing it alongside their supply chain partners and instilling it into every contract they create and manage. For suppliers, this Award is a fantastic opportunity to showcase how they are helping buyers to deliver more in new and innovative ways, with a focus on social, environmental and community benefit.

Open to: Scottish public sector organisations and private/voluntary organisations from within or outside Scotland with documented support from a sponsoring authority. For example, a written statement with the name and position of the sponsor, either within the submission or as an attachment.

Timescale: A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period July 2022 to January 2024.

Entry Questions

Please describe the social benefit approach that your organisation has implemented through the procurement, including, where appropriate, within the procurement process itself. Please include details of why this approach was chosen, the aims and deliverables that were desired and the critical success factors to successful delivery. (This answer will not be scored)

Please explain what aspects of the social objectives were particularly ground-breaking or cutting-edge and how did this impact on the delivery of the project, particularly in determining the best route to market and the outcomes that were achievable.

What level of engagement was undertaken with parties both within and out with the organisation to ensure that the initiative was thoroughly scoped and designed with social outcomes in mind?

Please describe any barriers to success that you encountered, whether at pre-market engagement, during the procurement exercise or at implementation of the contract and explain how these were overcome.

Please explain what outcomes have been achieved to date, since the commencement of the contract and whether these match the deliverables anticipated at the outset. Please provide evidence of specific targets, key milestones, feedback received and performance indicators, service levels or other measurable benefits achieved. (Please include empirical evidence to support your answer)

In what areas has the contract exceeded the expectations of the authority, stakeholders and/or end users, delivering over and above the core requirement. (Please provide evidence to support this)

As a result of this procurement, have the social benefits been shared both internally, across your organisation and with other organisations to help shape future procurement?